History Of The Company

History of RM

Raul Marchisio RM’s owner,  comes from Piedmont but he has been residing into the principality of Monaco for 20 years, in 1996 has started his own business of selling luxury cars and supercars,  doing that with the same conviction and passion he put in the 90th  when he was involved in Rally Championships driving for official car as Lancia, Audi and Renault.



1° prize – Rally Trofeo Fiat Uno under 23

1° prize – Motor Show di Bologna

12 wins and 10 seconds – Campionati italiani

Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Dealership

Worldwide well-known for its reliability and for being the best in this sector, RM Autosport is specialized in trading luxury cars.

” Through the passion i’ve built up my business reaching my dreams, now i want to make your dreams come true”.  -Raul Marchisio